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[Recommended training program]

You can download training programs according to your level and needs below. This is a translation, arrangement, and sheet version of what is published on the internet.

It is a proven product used by trainees all over the world.

[How to use]

Since it is an XLS file, it can be opened with the Google Sheets app, etc. The first sheet explains the program, and you can train while recording the number of lifts and weight from the second sheet. You can also print it out and take it to the gym.

​[Beginner] 5x5

​Standard muscle hypertrophy program

・For beginners to intermediates

・​3 days a week whole body

It's a simple and effective program, but it's high volume so if you get enough nutrition and sleep you can expect results.


Lifting technique improvement program


​・4 days a week (can be adjusted to 3 days a week)

・Upper body/lower body divided into 2 parts

​For those who need to improve their form and technique while increasing muscle mass and strength.

​[Beginner] 5/3/1

Muscle hypertrophy/strength 3 days a week


Full body 3 days a week (2 days a week is also possible)

5/3/1 arranged for beginners

​3 days a week full body program. For those who want to get stronger with the Big 4 and push their muscles.

​[Intermediate/Advanced] 5/3/1

4 days a week Muscle hypertrophy/strength improvement

For intermediate and advanced users

​4 days a week, upper and lower body divided into two parts

​I personally use it as my default training menu. It's simple and effective.

​[Intermediate/Advanced] Strength

Improve muscle strength 5 days a week

For intermediate and advanced users

​ Upper body/lower body 3 to 5 days a week

A program focused on improving muscle strength.

​[Intermediate/Advanced] Muscle

4 days a week muscle hypertrophy

For intermediate and advanced users

​4 days a week, by body part

A site-specific program based on the 5/3/1 method. It is designed to stimulate each body part twice a week and help you become stronger even in the Big 3.

​[Beginner/Intermediate] HST muscle hypertrophy specialized training

3 days a week, whole body

For beginners/intermediate users

​ 3 days a week, whole body

A full body program based on the HST method.

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