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​Posing lesson guidance

​Posing Lessons


☑ I would like to participate in a competition, but I am not confident in posing.

☑I want people to look at the pose objectively.

☑I want ideas for free poses

​☑ I want to learn how to walk and pose to look good on stage

Available categories

・Men's bodybuilding

・Men's Bodybuilding

・Men's Classic Physique

・Classic Physique

・Men's physique

・Men's Physique

・Men's Best Body Japan

・Men's Best Body

Please inquire if other categories are available.

​Please contact for availability of other categories.

Coach's posing video can be seen on Instagram below,

[Check out the highlights of "Posing".

  • Instagram

How to make a reservation:

Please make a reservation as a regular personal.

​Please write "Posing instruction (category name)" etc. in the notes section.

How to Reserve a Session:

Please reserve as a normal training session from the reservation page.  Add a note that you request a posing lesson and state the category. 

Screenshot_20190816-152815_Video Player_

​Posing online coaching

・Please send a video of yourself posing on LINE (about 1-2 minutes)

​・You can send multiple videos at once (regular pose, free pose, etc.)

-Reply to comments and advice with videos and images with explanations.

・Please wait 1-3 business days for a reply.

・You can send videos up to 4 times with one payment.

You can apply from the following ​.


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