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online coaching

Get rid of muscle training that doesn't last or that doesn't produce results.
Professional bodybuilders provide original muscle training menus and coaching
We will fully follow your muscle training.

Suitable for beginners and tournament participants

Continuously updated according to level

Providing customized muscle training menus

​Unparalleled support, including regular online meetings, seminars on body makeup theory, form checks, and posing.


Even home training is OK!

・Those who have a home gym

(At least have dumbbells and an incline bench)

・People who go to the gym
​ (those who can take pictures inside the gym)

​All available

​Limited to people who want to build muscle

This is for people who want to build big muscles and become muscular. If you just want to lose weight, become thinner, or just want to exercise, this content will not satisfy you. Whether you're a man or a woman, if you want to build muscle and have a cool body, we can help.

original menu

If you do muscle training without a plan, you won't get the results you want, and it will be difficult to continue. There will be a big difference in results between having a muscle training plan based on the science of muscle hypertrophy and not having one.. A menu that suits you with long-term goalsI will create one and follow up with coaching.

LINE and ZOOM interview

LINE support + regular ZOOM interviews allow for more frequent communication than face-to-face personal meetings. Please use it to clear up your doubts and doubts and increase your motivation for muscle training.

Recommended for the following people

■ I continue to do muscle training, but it no longer works.

■ Muscle training has become a rut and it has become a chore.

■I want to continue my muscle trainingI don't feel like I can do my best alone

​■ Even at home trainingI want to build muscle

■ I'm worried about whether I can continue muscle training without direction or goal.

​■I can't go to the gymBut I want to receive guidance

​■ More specific and detailed guidance than personalI want to receive

​■ I want to know what kind of muscle training I should do

​■ I don't have the budget to attend a personal appointment every week.

​■ I want a plan, but I want to train at my own pace

​Who is suitable for online coaching and who is not?

Online coaching may not be suitable for the following people:

・I want motivation during muscle training like a personal

・I don't have confidence that I can do muscle training regularly on my own

・I always want a quick reply on LINE

​・I'm not really interested in muscle training or food.

​・You have a chronic illness or injury that requires physical therapy.

​・Complete beginner and poor motor skills

Who is suitable for online coaching?

​You can do muscle training regularly by yourself

・I want a long-term plan

・I want accountability

・I don't want to fail through trial and error on my own.

・I want to learn more about muscle training and diet

Reasons why muscle training is not effective:
There is too little planning in muscle training.

At least until I can no longer do push-ups.

Squat until you can't stand up anymore.

Just watch muscle training videos and imitate them.

The muscle training menu is just a list of events taken from the internet.

This not only does not follow the principles of muscle training, but also

It is not a muscle training to cause [muscle hypertrophy].

And before you know it,I don't have the strength I want

You stop making progress and your motivation starts to drop.

“Are we not pushing hard enough?” “Do we need new stimulation?”I thought,

Although it includes additional events and special techniques,

Still, no results were obtained, only fatigue accumulated,

Your joints will start to hurt and you may even get injured.

Why does progress stagnate in muscle training in the first place?

There are many reasons for this, including diet, recovery, form, and hormonal balance.

For those who have continued muscle training for some time, the most common thing is

It's the lack of planning in the muscle training menu.

My desire to gain muscle is so strong that I train more and more.

We tend to add more events and increase the intensity, don't we?

Learn new events, new techniques, and new programs that you saw in magazines or on the internet.

You'll want to try it right away.

However, until the new method showed results as muscle hypertrophy.

Even though it takes more than 12 weeks, are you already looking at something different?

​The next day, I said my muscles were sore.

Don't you think you'll gain muscle?

And the volume that is best for youDo you have a concrete understanding of this?

Volume simply refers to the amount of muscle training (roughly the number of sets).

If you don't do enough strength training, you won't be able to grow your muscles.

On the other hand, muscle training with too much volume will not allow you to recover.

Performance and strength decrease, resulting in an inability to build muscle.

Beginners tend to reduce the volume, but

Intermediate to advanced athletes tend to increase the volume and intensity too much.


Ideally, you should gradually increase the volume of your muscle training over several months to the extent that it produces results.

Increase or decrease the amount at the right time.

In other words, train your muscles intentionally and systematically.

What is your optimal volume?

It depends on your lifestyle, diet, experience levels, and hormone levels.

So even if you just copy someone else's menu,

The results will not be the same.



Do muscle training in a normal 60 minute session once or twice a week,

In addition to improving the form, technique, intensity nuances, and posture of the event.

We will teach you everything from how to create a menu that suits you to volume adjustment.

Honestly, it's practically impossible.

But for long-term progress in building muscle,

In fact, this may be the most important.

Why you get better results than personal

Personal (online/face-to-face)

Personal training provides on-the-spot muscle training instructions in real time.

Advantages: It's a great place to learn practical skills, as you can quickly correct your form and have a trainer show you examples.


Difficulty: Because the session time is limited and the content is omitted, you may not be able to perform ideal muscle training and your understanding of the theory may be shallow. time andDue to cost considerations, the frequency of instruction may be reduced.

regular online coaching

​Online coaching is a service that provides guidance on training and diet through email exchanges.

Advantages: There is no need to schedule a time with a trainer each time, and you can receive more specific and detailed guidance through various media. Frequent communication allows students to deepen their understanding of theories and methods.


Difficulty: If we only communicate via text, we won't be able to point out things like how to do muscle training or poor form.Not suitable for beginners.


Personal isAs well as form and exercises,

The teaching method is easy to understand, so it is perfect for beginners.

However, because the time for one session is limited, some content may be omitted, or

Sometimes we can only offer abstract advice.

When it comes to personal muscle training, I try to pack in more events and increase the intensity to save time.

Actually, it's not the ideal muscle training.

Due to time and cost considerations, our customers also do muscle training infrequently, once or twice a week.

It can also be confusing to train alone.

Even if you memorize the form and events, if you don't know how to train systematically

[Car​ Good driving but no sense of direction], you will not reach your goal.

How to make long-term progress[How to create a muscle training menu]and

[Are you continuing that muscle training?]becomes important.

For online coaching, the trainer creates the menu,

We will provide guidance only via LINE or email.

There is no need to coordinate time with a trainer, and you can share images and videos.

The advantage is that you can teach while conveying a large amount of information.

Coaching provides muscle training based on theory and methods,

The accountability and reliability that comes with a coach makes it easier to continue training.

However, muscle training must be done alone,

There are many things that trainers don't notice unless they see the muscle training directly.

Therefore, regular coaching is for people who are confident in their strength training to some extent.

It may not be suitable for those with little training experience.

Solved the difficulties of coaching
Features of our online coaching

computer screens.jpg

NozawaPT's online muscle training school focuses on personal difficulties and

The content eliminates the difficulties of online coaching.

​We also provide generous support that you won't find anywhere else at an affordable price.

・Form check and guidance in real time via ZOOM

・Send muscle training videos to your trainer and check the actual muscle training in detail

​・Explanation of correct form with model video

・Ask questions at any time via LINE or email

・Suitable for trainees who are not confident that they are doing muscle training well

・The menu is specifically created according to the level.

You can proceed with muscle training on your own without hesitation

・Based on scientific evidence of progressiveness/overload, specificity, and muscle hypertrophy

Create menu and provide coaching

・The menu will continue to be effectivemake corrections

・You can also receive daily follow-up on your dietary management, supporting your diet and weight gain.

・Supplements, posing,

I can teach you anything related to body makeup.

・Suitable for people all over the country, regardless of where you live

​・Coaching in English is also available

​・We also held seminars on muscle training and diet theory via Zoom.
You will acquire knowledge just by continuing.

online coachingFor any questions regarding

​ From official LINE or contact form


​NozawaPT LINE official account




Online coaching process

1. reservation

​Please reserve your first consultation. Or please contact us via LINE and let us know if you would like to receive an initial consultation.

2. Online interview

Click on the URL sent to you by email before your scheduled appointment to start the online interview. We will explain the content of online coaching and conduct a hearing.

​If you are satisfied with the content, please apply for "Online Coaching".

​3. Menu creation

​Create a menu based on the hearing and share it on Google Drive. Please wait 1-3 days before sharing.

Four. online meeting

If you are doing bodyweight training or have equipment at home, we will also check your form on ZOOM.

(60 minutes)

Five. Muscle training & entry

Please review the menu and make a simple entry in the shared file.

6. Video check

​If you are able to film your muscle training, please send the video of your muscle training to LINE. We will provide specific advice on form corrections based on the video.

7. additional session

Meetings are held once a week. We will provide progress reports, more detailed form explanations, and short seminars. (Light plan is charged separately)

8. Menu update

​We will continue to adjust the menu according to the progress of muscle training to ensure that we continue to make progress. When we add a new event, we will explain it in a meeting or video.

​Fees & Payment Methods


​​Complete plan

Monthly fee: 34,800 yen (tax included))

(​with 60 minutes personal once a month)

middle plan

Monthly fee: 24,800 yen (tax included)

light plan

Monthly fee: 19,800 yen (tax included)

​(​No online meeting)

Payment will be made on a regular basis.

In order to feel the results clearly,

We ask for a minimum 3 month contract.

​Payment method

Credit card (PayPal payment)

Paypal compatible card

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • JCB

  • American Express

  • Discover

▼How to create a Paypal account

Paypal homepage

How ZOOM sessions work and disclaimer​

・Online meetings are 30-60 minutes 2-4 times a month,

It is included in the monthly fee for plans other than the Lite plan.

​・Since some people wish to receive progress reports via email or LINE, meetings will be held as necessary, except for initial interviews. In some cases, the trainer may decide that an online meeting is necessary, or you can book a meeting at your own discretion.

・Online meetings will be used for interviews, consultations, video checks, exercise explanations, mini seminars on muscle training and diet, and posing guidance.

・The monthly fee will not change even if you do not use all online meetings in that month.


By applying, you are agreeing to the following terms, so please read them carefully.

・We cannot be held responsible for damage to property, damage, or injury unless the content of the instruction is a direct cause.

・We are not responsible for any damage, damage, injury, or illness caused by not following the instructions as instructed.

・If you have a physical or psychological disability, illness, or injury that you have not informed the trainer, we will not be held responsible for any subsequent damage, damage, injury, or illness even if you follow the instructions.

What you need for online coaching

■Google account and Google Drive

We will hold an online meeting with Google Meet.
Muscle training menu and files on Google Drive

Can be viewed and edited on smartphone

I also recommend the Google Sheets app.

→Google Drive homepage


All you need is a model with a camera or a webcam.

■Internet line

Be able to hold online meetings

A stable internet connection that allows you to watch videos

As long as there are no speed limits, it's basically okay.

■Things to secure smartphones and tablets

When doing muscle training at home, use your smartphone or tablet.

It is very convenient if you have a tripod.

If there is a space of 1.5 to 2 meters from the device, you can see your whole body.

■An environment where you can photograph muscle training

If you work out at the gym, it would be great if you could take pictures of yourself training.

You can check your form with a video.

(Please note that some gyms may prohibit photography.)

It is best to take photos from the side or diagonally behind you, so that you can see all the way to your toes.

It would be helpful to have a tripod, wide-angle lens, or smartphone wide-angle lens.


1. What happens if communication is cut off midway through?

We ask that you check the operation of your internet environment in advance.

If the problem is not resolved by changing the device etc.We will respond by transfer.

2. Can I use LINE or Skype?

If you would like to have an online session other than ZOOM, you cannot make a reservation from the reservation page. Please contact us on LINE to reserve your session.

3. What kind of person is your trainer?

Since 2016, he has been working as a personal trainer.

He was certified as a professional bodybuilder in 2019.

We provide guidance based on scientifically proven training and diet methods, years of experience as a contest bodybuilder, and behavioral psychology.

Detailed profile is on the top page of this site

Or check us out on Instagram.

top page

Four. I have little experience with exercise, is that okay?


Coaching is also available for beginners,

I have some training experience,

This is for people who regularly do muscle training. 

If you are planning to work out at the gym,

Join a gym and learn basic form

Once you receive a local personal, at least

Squats and bench presses (machines also work)LearnIt's better after you receive it.

Five. Can I consult with you about diet?

Decide on your goal weight and start eatingfollowFrom checking the meal

How to calculate calories and macros, etc.​How to reduce body fat

We also provide diet guidance. We also provide guidance on weight loss and adjustment methods for those who wish to participate in competitions.

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​Start with "Counseling"

“I would like to hear more about what exactly it is.”

“Is online coaching right for me?”

First, please book your first ZOOM consultation.

We held a meeting on ZOOM,

Would you like to speak directly with a coach?

I will introduce myself, explain the content of online coaching, and ask about your training experience and current situation.

​We will suggest what kind of training and diet should be carried out at this stage.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Owned time:Approximately 30 minutes

Fee: 1500 yen ⇒0 yen for a limited time

How to make a reservation: 

Click the button below to jump to the reservation page,

“Initial ZOOM Counseling”choose.

​Select a convenient date and time to complete your reservation.

*Please note that we may ask you to change the date and time.

*We may not be able to respond to your request through our coaching, and we may decline your request. In principle, we do not refund consultation fees.

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