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​ Muscle hypertrophy training at home

​Online Personal

​Inexperienced to advanced users are welcome!
Complete at home & online
​Enrollment fee/monthly membership fee 0 yen
First trial fee half price
Home training/private gym/
For bodyweight training
personal training

Available on PC or smartphone

personal training

Anyone with a PC or smartphone and an internet environment

You can receive personal training from the comfort of your home.

Using an online meeting app called ZOOM

​Remote personal session in real time.

ZOOM homepage

Even if you have dumbbells or barbells,

Even if you don't have any equipment, you can do strength training to build muscle.

You will receive instruction from a professional personal trainer.

I can't figure out how to do it even after watching online videos.

​If you don't know what muscle training you need


Please take advantage of Online Personal.

Online is recommended for the following people

■ I can no longer go to the gym,I'm worried about whether I can maintain the body I've worked so hard to maintain.

■ There are many people due to coronavirusI'm anxious about going to the gym

■​ FamiliarI want to receive a personal service at my home gym.

■ I can't go to the gym in Gotanda but would like to receive a personal service

■ I'm too busy to go to the gym, butI don't want to give up on building my body

■ I'm working out at home, butThe results are not as expected

■ I want to train my body well even with limited tools

■ Sitting at homeI have become severely inactive.

■ Travel destination/Business trip destinationBut I want to receive personal

Save time and money online

Unlike the face-to-face personal experience you receive by going to the gym,

The trainer can touch and correct the form.


Although full-scale equipment cannot be used,

There are also great benefits that are unique to online.

firstHuge time and cost savingsIt will be.

Travel time to and from the gym, time to change clothes,

If you time your shower

It may be equivalent to one session.

If you are online, you can hold sessions in your spare time,

So that I can take a bath at home as soon as I finish,

Even those who are busy and cannot go to the gym can easily take it.

There is no need to carry large items such as clothing, shoes, towels, and supplements all day long.

There are no geographical constraints, there are good gyms nearby,

Even if you don't have a good trainer, you can do it online.

Trainers from anywhere in the country

It will push you through muscle training.

We are available with or without tools, so

You can do serious muscle training even from your hotel while on a business trip.

Typical personal fees include gym membership fees, usage fees,

Personal fees and transportation to the gym will be charged.

If it's online, if it's personal, it costs

Session price and time onlyIt becomes.

Due to time and cost constraints, I can only do muscle training once a week.The way

If you're online, you might be able to increase it to 2-3 times a week.

This will help you see the effects of muscle training faster.

​You will feel it.

personal to build muscle

Our gym is for people who want to build muscle.

Just moving and sweating,

It is not a calorie consumption supplement to your diet.

Also, it's just hard, it just makes your muscles ache.

Muscle training is also not a strength training for building muscle.


You can do bodyweight strength training or strength training for advanced users.

Perform appropriate load and muscle training volume,

By adjusting the intensity and amount little by little each time,

​It is possible to promote muscle hypertrophy.

​I don't have any equipment at home and can't go to the gym.

You may not be able to experience the sense of accomplishment and exhilaration that comes with lifting a heavy barbell.

However, if you do muscle training based on the theory of muscle hypertrophy,

You don't have to give up on growing muscle.

If you do a personal session with a trainer,

Even seemingly simple bodyweight training gives you direction.

It will be a great motivation to continue your muscle training.

​Continuation is the most important factor in achieving results in any muscle training.

Online personal flow

1. Make a reservation

Book your session at a time that is convenient for you on the reservation page. ​You can experience it for 3000 yen off for the first time.

3. Open ZOOM

When you are ready on the day, click on the URL to start the session. Please change into comfortable clothes in advance.

2. URL reception

When your reservation is completed, you will receive an email confirming your reservation and a ZOOM link.

4. Start muscle training!

At the first visit, we will conduct a hearing and measure your motor skills.

Stretch, do mobility exercises, and start muscle training!

Fees & payment methods

■Free admission fee

■Online personal

60 minutes 6000 yen (tax included)

■First experience

​60 minutes 3000 yen (tax included)

Payment method

■Credit card

(Visa, Mastercard, AMEX)


■PayPay payment

Payment method details

What you need for ZOOM lessons


You do not need to create a ZOOM account to hold a meeting, but

App installation is required.

Although it is possible to hold a ZOOM meeting on a browser without installing an app,

In that case, you will need to create an account. 


→ZOOM homepage

PC, smartphone, tablet

All you need is a model with a camera or a webcam.

■Internet line

Enough to watch the videoWith a stable internet connection

As long as there are no speed limits, it's basically okay.

Something to secure your smartphone or tablet (if possible)

If you are using a smartphone or tablet, it is very convenient to have a tripod.

It would be best if you could hold it horizontally (landscape) and fix it at your waist so that your whole body is reflected.

​You can also lean your smartphone against a book on the table.

If you have a space of 1.5 to 2 meters from your device, your whole body will be clearly visible.


1. What happens if communication is cut off midway through?

We ask that you check the operation of your internet environment in advance.

If the communication is poor from the beginning during the lesson and changing the device does not solve the problem,


We will respond with a transfer or refund.

In the unlikely event that communication becomes poor during the second half of the lesson,

We may be able to add extra time to the lesson time at a later date.

2. Can I use LINE or Skype?

Please note that online personal services are only available via ZOOM.

3. What kind of person is your trainer?

For information about trainers, please see the top page of our website.

Or check us out on Instagram.

top page

Four. I have little experience with exercise, is that okay?

Yes, our gym is visited by many complete beginners.

We originally provide personal lessons for beginners to intermediate users.

Beginners progress faster

I hope you enjoy muscle training.

Five. Can I consult with you about diet?

Our gym is not a diet gym.

We do not offer diet courses, etc.


About how to lose body fat within your personal time

To give you advicecan.


You can also use your personal time to consult about diet.

In addition to muscle training, we can also support dieting, weight gain, supplements, posing, etc.

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Recommended tools for home training

​You can do a good muscle training with just your own body weight, but the following tools do not take up much space.

The price is also cheap. I recommend it because it greatly expands the range of muscle training you can do.


​Training tube LaVie light

You can currently buy it at Don Quijote for around 1,500 yen. The feature is that both ends are not connected, making it a single tube. It is more convenient and can be used in a variety of ways than the type with a handle or a circular band.


1500-3506 yen


Training tube LaVie hard

The price has gone up on Rakuten, but I bought it at Don Quijote for less than 2000 yen. Light can be used for muscle training of shoulders and arms, and hard can be used for leg muscle training and pull-ups.



5008 yen


slide disc

Without a pull-up machineThere are only a few things you can do to train your back at home. With sliding discs, you can train your back, hamstrings, and buttocks on the floor. If you have flooring, you can use a towel instead, but if you have carpet, you can't do it without a sliding disc.


Approximately 1000 to 4000 yen

online personal and

Differences in online coaching

online coaching

We provide menu creation and coaching to continue producing results. Even if you are not confident in muscle training, we can provide form guidance using ZOOM or videos.

■Monthly 15,000 yen

​■ Original muscle training menu that evolves every month

■Includes 4 ZOOM sessions per month

■LINE support 24 hours reception

​■ Comprehensive guidance on meals, supplements, etc.

▼Click here for details

online coaching

online personal

60 minute single lesson.

​The content can be flexibly adapted to your needs.

Online muscle training or posing guidance at home or a private gym.

■60 minutes 6000 yen

■No menu creation

■No LINE support

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